Events Calendar

Date Events, Seminar Place
Feb. 19
The 29th Best Practices Seminar
Fukuoka, Japan
Feb. 20
IIABJ Board of Directors Meeting
Fukuoka, Japan
April 22-29
IIABA Legislative Conference & Convention &
Agency visits
Washington D.C.&
San Francisco
June. 19
The 9th IIABJ Annual Convention
Tokyo, Japan
Sept. 11
The 30th Best Practices Seminar
Osaka, Japan
Nov. 18
The 31th Best Practices Seminar
Fukui, Japan
Nov. 20
The 10th Annual Conference
Tokyo, Japan
Feb. 18, 2016
The 32nd Best Practices Seminar
Fukuoka, Japan
April. 8
The 33rd Best Practices Seminar
Tokyo, Japan

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